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  • On February 2022 the Black into Apprenticeship website was launched. The intention of this platform is to give parents and young people clear and relevant information about the range of apprenticeships on offer nationally.

    Please visit; http://www.blackintoapprenticeship.org and share the link with your networks.

  • Good morning all,

    As we enter the bank holiday weekend and close the last week of the school break, I would like to start the conversation going about what type of curriculum our children should be taught from? Is education ready for a True Curriculum? Are our teachers excited about building minds from a True Curriculum? have our children…[Read more]

  • Good evening all, I am just updating the platform to make it more user friendly. Remember, keep posting and sharing this is how we will grow in power.

    At 6pm tomorrow I will be launching The True Curriculum discussion forum, I really want to get the conversation going around how we can develop the TTC. I have launched a landing page, please…[Read more]

  • @rhenrygrant Hello Rodney Its is really great to have you on board. When you have the time it would be great to know a little about your journey and your quest for equity and diversity.

  • Hello, I am the founder of shareiba.com. Why have I chosen to create a Professional Media Platform when social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others occupy similar spaces? We are not a social media platform; we are a professional group of experts coming together to discuss, design, and create instruments of…[Read more]

  • Good evening all. There is a call for us to work together to change the curriculum for all children. Black children need to understand the global contribution of their people in science, technology, media, history, mathematics and the list goes on. No child should be denied the richness of diversity and the excitement of difference.

  • @shawnett Hello Sahwnett welcome. You will meet some amazing people on the new platform and the beauty of Shareiba.com is, it will grow with us.

  • @drmm Hello Marcia
    Welcome to Share IBA. On this platform you can share all the good things you doing which makes a difference for black people in corporate and public sector spaces. United we are strong divided we are vulnerable so rather than become victims, lets work together to eradicate all forms of discrimination and change the world.

  • @yinkaafuwape Welcome Yinka to ShareIBA its nice to have you.

  • @brucehoulder Hello Bruce thank you for registering for this brand new platform. Together we hope to change how an organisation and all sector businesses address inequality and inclusion. We are new and it will us time to grow in momentum but I am confident we can be the driving force for change.

  • @ashlene Hello my beautiful daughter, thank you for joining Shareiba.com. Please post and engage in debate about the social change which is desperately needed. Love you always.

  • I hope businesses and educational institutions are ready for young minds like this.
    #bepartofthechange #blackintoleadership http://www.ibafoundation.co.uk
    Let’s work together…

    [Read more]

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